Since 2013, we develop, design and distribute high quality tennis strings. Our brand is currently available in 15 countries around the world but we are still looking for international partners to work with us. if you have a store, or you are an online seller, we would be happy working with you. Our target is to expand the Dyreex brand all over the world with your friendly support, that is why We are looking forward with pleasure doing business with you. In any cases, don't hesitate to contact us !




tennis dampener and tennis string
dyreex products - tennis strings, dampeners, overgrip, high material for tennis player
dyreex in Australia - textile for tennis team
tennis dampener and tennis string with the sunshine
100% multifilament tennis string - high comfort, soft and powerful - arm-friendly tennis string
tennis overgrip high durability
Dyreex in Belgium sponsorises tennis team
Dyreex vibration dampener
Dyreex perfect _touch - zoom on a 100% multifilament