• Dyreex tennis string Fibermax 12 m. set / 1.25 mm.
  • 12 m set Dyreex tennis strings


Available gauge : 1.25 mm.
Packaging : 12 m.
Color :  White.
Composition : Soft Co-Polyester.

The Fibermax is a soft copolyester string made with the Supra Soft Technology. With this string, Dyreex has developed a unique material composition that drastically increases the elasticity and the flexibility. Offering a very good playability, a soft impact and an optimal comfort for a monofilament, the Fibermax has a great balance between control and power that will suit a wide range of players. An arm-friendly tennis string.

Note : As the Fibermax is an extremely flexible monofilament, we recommend that you let the stringing machine work as long as possible when stretching the string and we advise to string at low speed.