• Tenis string Dyreex Black Edge Whirl 12 m. set and 200 m. reel
  • 12 m set Dyreex tennis strings


Available gauge : 1.25 / 1.30 mm.
Packaging : 12 m.
Color :  Black.
Composition : Twisted pentagonal Co-Polyester.

The Black Edge Whirl is the twisted version of the Black Edge, in order to get you more control and spin. It is a comfortable co-polyester with massive spin potential and surgical targeting on full swings. With its twisted five sided profile, the Black Edge Whirl puts a tight grip on the ball, making it easier for the strings to grab and load the ball with spin. Designed  with softening agents like polyethylene additives, this string is able to provide much more comfort and power than a standard polyester.