DEFENDER 200 m. 

Dyreex tennis string Defender 200 m. /1.22 mm.


Available gauge : 1.22 / 1.27 mm.
Packaging : 200 m.
Color : Orange.
Composition : Co-Polyester Monofilament.

The Defender is a monofilament copolyester pre-stretched.
From technology with copolymer additives to optimize ball contact and widen the sweepot, the Dyreex Defender offers excellent playability and versatility in all areas of the game.
Compared to other traditional monofilament polyester, this one is much softer and more elastic thanks to a treatment with a unique chemical product. It is ideal for players looking for spin and great feel without sacrificing control.
Finally, it should be noted that the loss of tension is almost nil due to its modified copolymer-based structure.