DRX SPIN 12 m.

Dyreex tennis string drx spin - Tennis hybrid string for an ultimate power and spin

Gauge : 1.25 / 1.20 mm.
Packaging : 6.5 m. + 6 m.
Color : Black / Silver.
Composition : Square + slippery Co-Polyester.

The DRX Spin is a very innovative hybrid tennis string. Unlike the majority of hybrids, this one features two poly-based strings. The main string is a square shaped co-poly that is designed to provide a ton of spin. The cross string is a very slick, round co-poly that enables the main strings to move out of position and snapback to produce heavy spin. A great option for the player who wants maximum spin combined with amazing precision and a good durability.

NB: DRX strings are a serie of hybrids made with 2 monofilaments.